A complete guide to Tai Chi and how it can stabilize your life

Phil Robinson

Of all the Tai Chi books, this one stands alone. This is more than a "How To" book about Tai Chi; it is a "Why To" book about Tai Chi as well.

Mr. Robinson, A Master Of Yang Tai Chi, has undertaken two projects.

The first is to hand down to his grandson, 46 years of knowledge and experience in the martial arts.

The second is to hand down this knowledge and experience to you through the pages of this book. Much effort has been taken to give the reader a complete guide to Tai Chi in a language that is uncomplicated but yet very detailed.

This book is like none of the other books about Tai Chi you have ever seen. This book, written through the eyes of an American raised in the South, not only tells you of the history and origin of Tai Chi, but explains how Tai Chi can be such a positive influence in your life in these modern days. The breathing, the relaxation, the harmony, the exercise, the philosophy, the self defense, the health and healing created in ancient China all come together in this book as a means to benefit you today. This is a must read book for everyone, from the complete novice to the very experienced in the art of Tai Chi.